Mrs Minnie Benke of King William’s Town recently visited Metlife Mall to do her shopping and as she was packing her groceries into her car, she unknowingly dropped her handbag. She got into the car and drove off. One of the Red Alert security guards, Xabisa Matya, noticed the handbag and ran after her car to return the bag.

Mrs Benke was overwhelmed at this act of kindness. As a pensioner, it would have been devastating for her to lose her handbag as she had just drawn cash from the ATM and is extremely grateful to Mr Matya for assisting her.

Mr Xabisa Matya | Mrs Minnie Benke

Mr Xabisa Matya | Mrs Minnie Benke

The management of Metlife Mall would like to publicly thank Mr Matya for being such an honest, law-abiding person and is a role-model to his colleagues and a worthy employee to his company.

Xabisa – You are a star! Well done and thank you from us all at Metlife Mall for looking after our shoppers.

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